blah blah Kim Kardashian blahdy blah

Dear everyone:

Can we all shut up about Kim Kardashian’s divorce for a second? Here’s the deal: Kim Kardashian is a free woman in a free country. She’s free to get married and/or divorced because she feels like it, or because she thought it was a good idea, or as a publicity stunt, or FOR ANY REASON AT ALL WHATSOEVER. Yeah, ok, it’s a publicity stunt. But so what? Number one, the joke is on you because you paid attention. Number two, I am so fucking tired of hearing BLAH BLAH SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE SMIRK. Well, ok, conservatives have been riding that pony since forever and certainly won’t stop on my say-so. But liberals should know better, and yet inevitably otherwise well-meaning people will trot out this horrible HOW CAN YOU NOT LET GAYS MARRY WHEN KIM KARDASHIAN BLARGLE FLARGLE.

Let’s get something straight (no pun intended): marriage, for everyone, is a civil fucking right. The case for allowing everyone to marry the person they love does not depend on whether or not Kim Kardashian lives up to your stringent standards of what constitutes a valid marriage. Going on about marriage sanctity makes you sound like a self-righteous dick with no legitimate case for self-righteous dickery. Marriage is not sacred; it’s a civil institution and people are free to take advantage of it as they see fit. If Kim Kardashian wants to be married for 72 days, well, shit, that’s her prerogative, and I’ll defend her right to do so even as I implore everyone to stop paying attention to her silly antics.

POSTSCRIPT: Just in case it’s not clear (due to departure from my usually overly prolix style) this isn’t about LEAVE KIM ALONE, it’s about STOP BUYING INTO CONSERVATIVE FRAMES ON MARRIAGE.