Ender’s Game is actually not that good

I hate to spoil it for you, Internet, but no matter how awesome Ender’s Game seemed when you were 15, it actually kind of sucks. It’s not serious literature so stop treating it as such. Also, Orson Scott Card is a religious fanatic.

2 thoughts on “Ender’s Game is actually not that good”

  1. Also, there’s some scholarship on the moral problems posed by Ender’s Game (such as its justification of (possibly race-based) genocide and its belief that actions should only be morally judged by their intentions, not their results). I recently read it again, and it’s a good book until you start examining it closely, when it begins to fall apart. That’s hardly the hallmark of great literature.

  2. Yeah, I read several of those essays. They’re true as far as they go, but I think one could plausibly make an argument that the artistic merit of a creation is not necessarily correlated to its moral merit. The problem with Ender’s Game is that it’s just a pretty simplistic story with a few clever ideas. It’s competently written, but there’s nothing in there that particularly moves me one way or the other. It’s ok; it seems exciting when you’re young, but when you (the general you) are 25 and trying to explain to me how awesome that book is, what that translates to is “I have never read any truly worthwhile literature.”

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