More Apple fuckery

Blah blah my shit does not work no one cares. Ok then.

Here’s the thing: I’m used to having to hack things to get them to work. As such, I think that package managers like apt-get have come a long, long way. Nowadays, I just don’t even think, I apt-get and forget about it. 99% of the time that just works and I am a happy camper. Sometimes there's some weird thing that doesn't but ever since probably Ubuntu 8.10 or so, the number of package issues I've had could probably be counted on one hand.

So now I am using this fancy pants MacBook Pro for work and it's a pretty sweet machine all things considered. That said, it's a huge pain in the ass because I want pretty emacs like what comes standard on pretty much all Linux distros and I can't get pretty emacs. Instead I have something called Aquamacs which is ok too, I guess, but NOT THE SAME. Not the same because unlike the emacs in Linux I can't figure out how to make this one run slime, which is a Lisp thing. That's fine though; what's irritating is the inability to run X applications in general. Ok, you want me to do Macports, I'll do Macports. What's that, Macports crashed trying to install X?! FUUUUUUCK. The existing Python that comes with the OS is weird and won't do anything right; gotta install the images from to get numpy and scipy and matplotlib to work nicely together. Also, for some reason this laptop refuses to read a perfectly cromulent disk that was burned on my home machine and reads just fine in my cheap-ass car stereo.

WHAT I AM SAYING: yeah, some things are easy in OS X, that's cool. Some things are not so easy. Also this fucking magic mouse is a piece of shit and I want to punch whoever came up with this idea. I don't even have colossal bear paws or anything but hey, I'm an adult male which means this tiny fucking mouse (which, by the way, is never pictured near an actual human hand to give you a sense of scale, all the pictures make it look really huge like it's the size of a fucking house or something) is way too small for my hand. Thanks for the carpal tunnel syndrome, Apple! I should have asked for the ergonomic logitech which for some reason was like $100 at the apple store even though I bought almost the same goddamn mouse for $35 on Newegg.

And then the worst part is that you are like, ok, how do I use this thing and you read reviews of it and some dude is all like, "maybe this isn't the greatest idea on the face of the earth," and of course a bazillion Apple fanboys and fangirls and fangoats and fanjellyfish all jump into this thread and are like "NO YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND," even though this guy totally gets why this mouse sucks. Stop being so devoted to some stupid fucking company, you assholes. They're not your fucking saviors, and they make shitty products sometimes, like this stupid fucking mouse which is too small for my hands that are apparently larger than any hand of any person at Apple development HQ.

I like that little dock in OS X though. That's nice. Also when the Adium duck hops up and down to let you know someone IM'ed you. Adorable.

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