Education experts, eh?

From Nicholas Kristoff’s column today:

Some education experts, like Richard Whitmire, author of “Why Boys Fail,” argue that the success of girls has to do in part with how schools teach children. Tweaking curriculums by exposing kids to more books full of explosions might lead boys to do better in reading — and if boys continue to lag, there’ll be more of a push for boy-friendly initiatives.

Hey, I have an even better idea. Why don’t we tweak the curriculum by exposing kids to more books full of Richard Whitmire being punched in the cock for reinforcing stupid gender stereotypes.

Explosions, seriously? Fuck this Herman Melville guy, not enough shit being blown up in Moby Dick!

Don’t go to grad school, assbutts

Recession Pushes Up Law School Applications and Interest in Graduate Studies –

A bunch of poor dumb bastards have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. Hey dudes and dudettes, take it from someone who’s been there: if you don’t know why you’re going to grad school, don’t do it. You’re going to hate your life, and even if you get funding, living on $20k a year, especially when you have family responsibilities (I’m looking at you, Prebble Q. Ramswell) sucks donkey nuts.

By the way, I noted with infinite relish that someone ACTUALLY NAMED Prebble Q. Ramswell not only exists but is female. I mean, no offense to Mrs. Ramswell is intended (I’m sure she was a terrific CIA analyst) but that just sounds like some kind of joke name that Pynchon would make up to give to someone who barges through doors a lot. Truth: maybe not always stranger than fiction but pretty damn weird sometimes.

Fuck you, Facebook

Hey, I have a great idea! Why don’t we take a nifty social networking tool and make it thoroughly unusable to people with Firefox! That will totally endear us to our customer base!

I have no idea what the fuck happened with Facebook between Friday and today; all I know is that Firefox on Linux no longer allows me to update my status.

In other developments, I have figured out what Brown-Secure is for, and it only took me 4+ years to do it. Go me, winning the internets.